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Ich werde in den nächsten Tagen nur über die auslaufenden Lizenzen schreiben und auf eventuelle Kommentare reagieren, ansonsten nehme ich Abschied von meinen Lieblingsdramen.


Kommentare zu: "Sorry! Tschuldigung!" (21)

  1. The part about ‚personal loss and memory‘, I’ll make it short because I know it’s painful to talk about it. I just want to say I am still going through the same struggle after so many years. It never stops. I fear forgetting her voice, her gestures, our times together. So I make it a point to remember. I sit down in the quiet and dig into my memory. For every little thing I still remember, I’m grateful. I love how you compare it to Suisse cheese – perfect. Take care.

    Okay, so we don’t talk „Criminal Minds“ 🙂 I’ve started watching „Secret Garden“. I’ll talk about it later but just to let you know, thank you!!!! for ‚luring‘ me into picking up the show again. I don’t know if it’s age or what, maybe right timing right mood, but I’m taking to the show more favorably. In fact, I was up till 2am yesterday. 😉

    • About a loss – I do like David Bowie, I still write it in the present … And it was after my father died that I got in first contact with his music then, and I couldn’t sit and listen to one song, it was about goodbyes and I was not ready for that music then … So even after the next his last album came out, I didn’t try it even, so in the years to come I will still have some music left to discover by Bowie.
      SECRET GARDEN if you like it that much, than I am happy that you got the last „push“ from me. Haha… I will be happy to hear about it from you. 😉

  2. Z. schrieb:

    We discussed Song Jong-ho’s „The Promise“, remember? 🙂 Exactly like you said it:everyone’s like a 2nd lead because the female lead character dominated the plot. Also, I didn’t like that Song Jong-ho started out ‚like‘ a main lead but Story prefers Seo Joon-young’s storyline. That’s what I meant: for goodness sake, let Song Jong-ho lead a show properly. I was 50-50 about „Sister Is Alive“ until I saw Song Jong-ho in the cast. I’ve not checked out the show nor do I have any idea what his character is like but I will take a look.

    The weekenders are still on my to-watch list, some I’ve peeped, some completely no idea but somewhat interested because of the cast and feels. Of all you mentioned, I will look at „The King Loves“. I’ve no special preference for cast, I also don’t have an idea what the story is about but I just want to see where it goes. The rest, let’s see.

    I watched „Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds“ till mid-series only. I was never completely drawn but it was okay as I was watching. I’m unsure if I’ll pick it up again. I like „The Emperor:Owner of The Mask“ a lot, lot better. Definitely ’not sweet‘. I didn’t watch „Shopping King Louie“ either because of Nam Ji-hyun but now I saw and like her a lot more more more in „Suspicious Partner“, maybe I will? I don’t mind fluff only if a show does not lose substance in the process. „Do Bong Soon“ has its moments, the first episode was well directed, generally, the comedy is exceptional and all but there wasn’t enough to go around.

    I like „Whisper“. Let’s just say, my opinions differ from reviews.

    RE: open posts. I’ve started ‚weeding‘. I’ve to let go a lot of old posts because the free image host provider I’ve linked (images to blog posts) with decided to change policy overnight and I’m left with 1000s of blog posts with broken image links. (If curious, Google Photobucket and read the news.) Let’s say it’s ’not pretty‘. I don’t have backup screencaps for every recap (NToG included) and I can’t possibly re-do it. I’m only trying to save the one-post reviews and the episodic reviews. I was depressed for a while because : do I let everything go or mend the broken links? Anyway, I’m trying to see it as a chance to start afresh. I’ve been brainstorming ideas how to do it better, as you said, even without recapping a show, this is still taking up too much time. When I come back, I’m likely to adopt a ’shorter format/per episode opinion‘. If anything deserves a longer review, then it will be months, months, year after, for instance. I’ll straighten things out and see. I’m making a lot of lists, that is sure. 😉

    *We had some pretty hot weather. Everyone was cranky, I said: at least we aren’t experiencing floods like Bangladesh and Japan. Life: win some, lose some 🙂

    • Sometimes my memory is playing with me. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he soon will have a chance in a daily, if possible, the chances are slim for the kbs channel at yt, but still a KBS daily or weekender so I have a slim chance seeing it.
      A few weeks back I finally figured out how to read the old post in the reader function … And yes the pictures were gone, but I didn’t look at it in detail it must be disheartening, with so many pictures gone. But I am guitly in going back from time to time reading about MY DAUGHTER FLOWER and NEW TALES OF GISAENG since I can’t access it. When I am sentimental that is. Of course it is sad that the pictures are gone, but still there are your words.
      You know that I am only posting with text, that is because pictures are taking a lot of effort making them and working with them. So I didn’t even try.
      Fresh start, fresh start, LOL I am all for it, you know how much I like reading your posts. Btw. I should send you another greeting from Lavanya, she wrote a comment once or twice as well, and liked your posts at least as much as I did, still do.
      There is some flooding going on in the middle of Germany but the really heavy rain stopped, in 2 days the amount of at some places 400% you normally have in July. That was a bit much, an elderly woman went missing. I didn’t get to hear news about her, but till now it is of course hard for those whose houses are hit but I guess it is still not so bad, compairing it with Japan, I didn’t hear about Bangladesh. These days I am not following the news too much.
      I still have 2 more episodes of WISFC I guess I will be done until midnight and tomorrow, there might be no more access.
      We will see …
      When I am done with that I will probably start writing and taking up MISAENG again, before thinking about a next drama to watch. 😉

      • Z. schrieb:

        When the broken images appeared across the blog, one of my thoughts was: you wouldn’t have this problem 🙂 Plastering images is very tough work but because I write huge chunks of paragraphs, and if I don’t do that, it will be difficult reading through the multiple lines. I’m finding a workaround to this. I didn’t use to think much about ‚keeping‘ my posts, I always feel they are just words but through this almost year and a half that I’ve stopped writing, I realized how meaningful they are. „Fated to Love You“ is actually my favorite of all that I’ve written. I really enjoyed the show as it aired and the excitement of staying up to catch new episodes. Everything I wrote with heart but this is a series of reviews that had my heart and soul 🙂

        Of course, „Misaeng‘ is another one to watch but not now. Oh yes, btw, I broke down and gave in. I watched the first episode of „Criminal Minds“ yesterday after pulling up the video and staring at the screen in and out for the longest time, letting it sit there for hours WITHOUT pressing PLAY while I did other stuff and debating if I should wait… 🙂

        *That you mentioned her, I was very surprised that I ACTUALLY remember Lavanya. I didn’t know you both know each other. It was quite a long time ago but I remember her as a very responsive viewer and reader. I’m always happy to ‚hear‘ from someone from that so long ago.

        *I guess some news are reported and some not. I know about the forest fires, the above-mentioned flood but I didn’t know there’s a flood in Germany. I don’t check in the news too often either, what’s NEW nowadays anyway? I refresh the headlines about thrice a day, check my local news and that’s it. I go for news analysis instead. Haha, I think I refresh Soompi more times in a day.

      • True, I wouldn’t have the problem with the images. But now and then I think about it and at the end I just know, it’s a lot more work. And I am already behind in posting. It’s when reality is kicking in and tells me no way you will get all of this done.
        Your posts a most of the times a lot longer then mine. Maybe I had too much summaries to write in my school days and most of the time the unit was 2 schoolhours, 90 minutes. The only writing „works“ that took longer were a school leaving exam double the time. Not so much about analysis.

        I don’t remember too much of how and when I watched FATED TO LOVE YOU, actually since my father passed away, my memory is in parts like Suisse cheese, it bothers me but it can’t be help and I rather take the loss of a memory about a drama, than some real life memories, because that is harder to accept. It can’t be helped though, when memories vanish it’s rarely by pure will. It just happens. That is genre „Facts of Life“ … 😉
        Haha, I guess „I lost you“ on Criminal Minds then, I still think, I didn’t even touch the original one. There is just too much crime on TV in Germany, the American productions on private TV broadcasters as well as own productions and the public-law broadcasters with their own productions. It’s too much for me at least.
        I will send your comment with the next e-mail I am writing Lavanya. She is kind of „old family“ from viki. She is no longer there but we managed to keep in contact.

        At the moment I am busy with drama, but I think it will be better in a week, about making notes and screen shots … Or if the access is no longer. I am happy if I get to read the newspaper at the weekend, when it is no garden season I have more time in the morning for reading, but in the summer … More flowers, more watering and if I think it is too little I will get some more flowers … Haha, and when I finally get my breakfast I wonder what I did all morning. 😉

  3. I don’t want to hold you back since you’re rushing to clear some shows. Just want to say you’ve convinced me. I’ve now pulled up „Secret Garden“ and will watch it. Also now that you mentioned „Warrior Baek Dong Soo“, I did watch the earlier episodes right until the characters grew up. I remember I ‚didn’t dislike it‘ but while waiting for new episodes, the show just dropped off my viewing cycle. Other than being busy with recaps, one of the reason was at that point, I sort of ‚fell out of love‘ with Ji Chang-wook (although I loved him in „Hero“ and Sons of Sol Pharmacy“. Of course I’ve now fallen back in love with him again 😉 and didn’t have motivation to continue. Anyway, I would watch almost anything with Yoon So-yi. Ya, so maybe I will pick it up again.

    BTW, „Will It Snow for Christmas“ is on my favorite and my favorite of Go Soo’s drama characters so far. I’m not a fan of Han Ye-seul but love her here. Love the secondary characters, also at where I started to think Song Jong-ho isn’t too bad although it’s in „The Princess’s Man“ that he had me as a real fan. Enjoy.

    P/S: You needn’t reply back now. Will wait to read your reviews on whatever you’re clearing now.

    • You are not holding me back, since I can’t only watch drama. I am happy to hear about your view of Secret Garden, although I am not sure when my post will be ready.
      Son of Sol Pharmacy, was the last drama I saw with Ji Chang Wook, before this year’s Suspicous Partner,
      Yoon So Yi was she that feisty girl in Say You Love Me – I think that drama was possibly not seen by to many here in Europe. I saw her in Color of Women too but I really forgot all about that drama even it is not so long ago that I watched it compared to the other one.
      Will it Snow for Christmas was not that hyped back then, I don’t know why maybe nobody wanted melodramas at that time. I thought the characters were all pretty good written and portrayed. The very first drama I saw him in was Surgeon Bong Dal Hee, when I watch The Princess‘ Man my reaction was – I knew he had it, he only needed another opportunity.

      By now I think, I have about 30 posts open … Holy … That will take some time.

      • Z. schrieb:

        „Say You Love Me“ is that show I want to watch for the longest time. I press play and barely a minute later, I press pause, go off and do something else. EVERYTIME. I don’t know why. Yes, that’s Yoon So-yi there. I really like her. „Color Of Women“ is boring. I watched it for Jae Hee and her but dropped it. I don’t remember much about the story. As for Song Jong-ho, I wish some production – daily or weekender – decides it’s time to let him lead something properly.

        Ha. We should compare the number of open posts. There are so many posts I want to finish up but that also means I’ve to go back and watch certain things – except that there’s still so much more current things I need to catch up with. I need to come to a compromise with myself that I simply can’t write about everything, or write about everything in-depth. 😉

      • Song Jong Ho was in THE PROMISE aka HEAVEN’S PROMISE it was a daily from KBS, that’s why I was able to watch it. You didn’t?
        He was the main cast, but the female character was all over this drama, so everyone around her you could say seemed like 2nd lead. She just dominated the screen.
        The number of open posts, dear me, it is growing and growing. At the moment I try to make notes about the dramas I liked and never written about, who will be out of my reach soon. So I am adding more. Well I am glad, I never decided to make full recaps, but even doing it my way still takes time.

    • Sometimes it can be as easy as this. I know, I tried Warrior Baek Dong Soo before and couldn’t really give it a chance. Apparently my mind-set still seems to be this way. I can’t even handle episode 1, so who am I trying to kid watching this 30 episode drama.
      For today I will comfortably watch the 2 episode drama HOPE FOR DATING and soul-searching what I will try to watch a new one or some good old one …

      • Z. schrieb:

        There are some shows which needs a couple of episodes before things get good. In the past, it’s possible to give it time and wait to see if it happens. Nowadays, it’s just not possible because there’s simply TOO MANY shows in a week. Because of this, it naturally changes my viewing habit. If I wait for the show to go ahead then catch-up with a couple in a sitting, I find it a good measure of deciding if I want to stick with it.

        I get this thing about ‚mindset‘, there are so many shows that I can’t ’shake off the first impression‘ and even though people tell me it’s worth it, I find it difficult to re-hook with the show. But I won’t write if off as yet, always wanting to give it ‚another try‘. I’ve also resorted to drawing up lists…really, the things we do for kdramas.

        FYI, I’ve recently completed „Whisper‘, „The Emperor: Owner of The Mask“, daily drama „Golden Pouch“ – all these I enjoyed but „Strong Woman Do Bong Soon“ is somewhat over-hyped. Definitely cute and likeable while it lasted but overrated.

      • LOL, you see, I do not really have a problem with too many. Dramas available through Viki at the moment are:
        BRIDE OF THE WATER GOD, if I had too much time I would try it, but I am sticking with recaps, that is enough for me.
        SCHOOL 2017, I just finished the 2013 version so there is no reason to hurry.
        QUEEN OF SEVEN DAYS, I would have gladly watched it a few years ago, like, I was like a bee around honey for stories like that but not too much in the last 2 years. I try to avoid them.
        THE KING LOVE, just the some problem like above.
        You see I can select rather quickly.
        UP10TION PLEASE, I feel like I am really too old for that kind of stuff.
        FATHER IS STRANGE, I didn’t really want to watch because after SUPER DADDY YUL and THE PROMISE, I didn’t want another drama with Lee Yoo Ri …
        BAD THIEF GOOD THIEF, I wanted and then I didn’t at the end I didn’t even try.
        SISTER IS ALIVE, it didn’t make me curious, so I am missing out on this one too. Today it is a really depressing weather raining all day long, sometimes heavy, sometimes soft, I think it only stopped 2 times today … But when I look at other regions, we are fine, there are some floodings here and there but not as bad as in Japan the other day.
        LOL your completed dramas, I have seen not one. How was Whisper, I have to admit that I have a soft spot about Lee Bo Young, but then again, I do not know all too much about the drama, I read the synopsis and I guess, it kind of was alread decided that I would not watch it.
        I heard much praise about STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON, but I don’t know if my age is finally getting me, or if it is just that I never reall went for the fluffy stuff. I never watched SHOPPING KIND LOUIS or MOONLIGHT DRAWN BY CLOUDS. Everyone said, it is so sweet, you need to watch, but somehow sweet is an adjective that pushes me away rather then approaching me. So I don’t know, if it is overrated, because at the end I avoid it successfully.

  4. Hahaha! I get it. I can tell you how to ‚block‘ stuff you rather not see 🙂 but I can’t do it here. If you ever need help there, send me an email. On another note: I woke up this morning and I thought I will miss you very much if you ever stop watching kdramas. You are one of those ‚drama comrades‘ who I can share an amicable discussion about dramas. You never tried to be overly courteous or show ‚forced appreciation‘ and I never worry about offending you when our opinions don’t meet up. I like that you are candid and open-minded about shows, actors and faves (or non-faves). And there’s ‚always another opinion‘. It’s just plain comfortable. I really hope that whatever changes there are, it wouldn’t take you away from the drama scene permanently.

    • I have not enough time, to even watch the dramas I want to see that viki actually does offer. It’s a truth I have to face. Since of the around 40 ending licenses. I might have not seen 10. And there are 7 I don’t mind not having seen them at all. DOCTOR STRANGER I quit right after the childhood introduction … And ran …
      If HOPE FOR DATING is actually WE ARE DATING NOW then I have seen it, if not then I have no idea about the drama.
      JANG OK JEONG – never touched it …
      LIVE IN STYLE – I really tried but didn’t have the time, and it is longer one if I remember right, so I won’t make it on time.
      MADLY IN LOVE – Aigoo, I started, couldn’t handle it and got back to the end to see who survived with whom … Aish
      QUEEN OF AMBITION – nope, not for me
      SCHOOL 2013 – I am tempted to try this one
      SMILE MOM – I don’t dare, Korean mums tend to be scary
      TEMPTATION OF A WIFE – not for me either
      THE SUSPICIOUS HOUSEMAID – saw the Japanese version years ago, I am not to keen on that one
      THE WOMAN WHO MARRIED THREE TIMES – I tried one time, it did not work for me
      TREE WITH DEEP ROOTS – favorite of many, I fear it’s not ment for meant for me
      But there are so many I would like to re-watch …
      I am through with SECRET GARDEN, wow I did forget so many things about this drama …

      Me too, I enjoy „talking“ with you about dramas. I think we are matured enough to let the other make her stand clear. And we are happy, if someone gives us the chance to see things from a different angle. I still have enogh to write about, there are still many dramas left … I only watched, and did not write about.

      • I don’t want to drop „Secret Garden“ yet I’m not enthusiastic in picking it up again. I’m not sure why. Was ages ago that I watched, interestingly, I still remember what I’ve seen of the earlier episodes which accounts for something I guess. But I’ll have to watch from the beginning if I ever give it another go.

        To give you an idea about the shows (if it helps):

        1) Tree with deep roots – I’ve not completed the last two episodes and it has been ages since I watched it. Now, I absolutely can’t remember what the story is about. I remember thinking it’s pretty smart and quality work, also Shin Se-kyung actually gives her best performance here compared to her earlier work. I will rewatch this if I’ve 72 hours a day.

        2)The Woman Who Married Three Times – (Allow me to copy-and-paste an intro from my review:)

        „Other than the obvious that there’s merit in the writing, attentive detail to every spoken word and fleeting expression, meanings for the pondering pauses and meditative actions that only a skilled cast ensemble can deliver, there is something else obscurely piquant about THRICE MARRIED WOMAN. There’s a simple definitive to it though, shaping it close to the gastronomic equivalent of an acquired taste. On that measure, the show is either an interesting kind of contemplative or an aimless bore. Ambivalent, I dropped it after the first week; even if my early impression about the show was tricky to grasp, I also remained curious, eventually returned to it some many weeks later and played late night catch-up. Once I got there, it was fast in becoming an addiction.“

        I enjoyed the show but I also get that it’s not for everyone. It’s that kind of show which either hooks you or don’t. Not much reasoning needed.

        3) Smile, Mom – Tried it for Yoon Jung-hee, wanted to keep watching for Kim Jin-woo. Dropped it after the first 3 episodes (I think).

        4) Queen of Ambition – Finished ep 1 not fully drawn but wanted to continue with ep 2 to see where things head, conveniently forgot and then naturally disappeared from viewing cycle.

        5) Madly In Love – Not kidding. EXACT opinions as yours 🙂 Except that I checked in between for only Jung Chan’s story.

        6) Live In Style – Bored. Dropped after first episode.

        „School 2013“ and „Hope for Dating“ (Daniel Choi and BoA – if it gives you an idea) are the only 2 on my watch list. „The Suspicious Housemaid“ maybe. I did watch 30 mins of the first episode and yet to have an opinion.

        The rest of the shows I’m not interested and will not watch. Unless I’m paid to write a review, then maybe 😉

      • If I saw right today HOPE FOR DATING only has 2 episodes, that should be working …
        I am at episode 5 of School 2013, it is a mixed bag, when one has already watch many school dramas including Japanese ones. So it’s not totally new, but so far I like the actors. Daniel Choi till now is a little blant, but since his character should start to develope a bit more now. I guess there is hope.

        MADLY IN LOVE – Jung Chan??? I really pushed it in a corner of my brain, can’t remember anything … LOL STORMY LOVERS was a brilliant drama against this one.

        I will write about SECRET GARDEN later, I am not disappointed but I know now that you should love a drama more in order to re-watch it because I started analysing too much …
        I don’t know if I can manage to watch WARRIOR BAEK DONG SOO, at least I want to try. I had 2 people recommanding it so at least I will try it once, if it does not work for me, then that’s it.

        Another license ends WILL IT SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS … Not too many know this drama, or thought it was to straining. I liked it though it had a wonderful staff. I think it was my last drama with Go Soo, he was the first lead man I saw in a Korean drama. And here was the first time I saw Song Joong Ki and Song Jong Ho.
        Going to finish one episode now and then I will go to sleep.

  5. Z. schrieb:

    Please hurry and go catch up. I know that feeling of urgency and anxiety. Replying to comments can wait. 🙂

    • I am watching but well, I know others are downloading left and right but I won’t. I remember when viki took the big change about 4-5 years ago. You just can’t save memories and the feeling of a community that way. Sure I could watch them whenever I like, but I don’t want to live in an infinite loop, been there once, if Viki won’t satisfy me any longer I will probably have to change something in my life. Period.
      Do you know that there are at least 40 licenses expiring and did you hear about kocowa?

      • Z. schrieb:

        I heard about kocowa. It’s a US-based premium content platform and I doubt I can access it. I’m not sure if it’s open to the Europe region. The bigger question is: were the expiring licences announced way ahead? I saw you mentioned ‚end July‘ and no way anyone is gonna make it. If you have to hurry through a show, I doubt you will enjoy it anyway. I’ve very limited access to viki so I’m never there, also I’m not aware of the changes you mentioned. Did you check out the kocowa website? ‚Everyone‘ are global partners if you know what I mean.

        I don’t know how long you have been watching kdramas but I really, really miss the old days too. I said it so many times about how I miss the community – for many reasons. Even if viki won’t work out for you any longer, I’m quite sure somewhere, something else will come up. Kdrama won’t be going anywhere but up and more popular. Drama quality definitely improved since last year. Many businesses will be eager to offer free or affordable content. The international audience market is a fat cow.

      • Kocowa – is for America. For the rest it has the same like DF „we will soon make our service available in Europe“. That has been years now. I am allergic to those empty words.
        I know the page has some partnership with viki, but how that will be, I don’t have any idea. The go for professional translators and viki’s methods the past months … Let’s say they are not really all that friendly to their volunteers.
        About the timely manner of announcing the license ending, we can call ourselfs lucky they even did. More often channels just mystically go away or are suddenly blocked for a certain area.

        For viki I have no other legal option in Germna, all the other pages show you certain parts of bodies no one really need to see, who wants to watch an Asian drama. 😉

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