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Nam Goong Mins Karriere tut es sehr gut, dass er um einiges experimentierfreudiger geworden ist und sein „Seelenheil“ nicht mehr länger nur beim Spielen von Hauptrollen sieht. In den letzten Jahren hat dies seine Präsenz immens gesteigert. Die Einsicht, dass das Spielen von Nebenrollen einen nicht limitiert wäre auch dem ein oder anderen Schauspielerkollegen ans Herz zu legen, einer der immer wieder zwischen Haupt- und Nebenrollen hin und her wechselt ist Choi Jin Hyuk. Für die meisten Schauspieler heißt es aber oft Endstation Hauptrolle, so bezweifle ich, dass einem Lee Min Ho, Yoo Seung Ho, Song Joon Ki, Yoo Ah In, Eric Moon, und anderen  überhaupt Nebenrollen angeboten werden, weil viele, nicht zuletzt manche Fans es als Beleidigung ihrer Helden ansehen würden.

Schade eigentlich, aber wenigstens haben einige von ihnen die Möglichkeit sich in Filmprojekten besser ausprobieren zu können, denn in Dramen werden sie oft und gerne für ähnliche Rollen benutzt.

Start: 24.07.2017



Episoden: 16

Ausstrahlungsjahr: 2017

Han Moo Young – Nam Goong Min

Kwon So Ra – Uhm Ji Won

Lee Suk Min – Yoo Joon Sang

Oh Yoo Kyung – Jun Hye Bin

weitere Besetzung:

Moon Sung Geun, Kim Kang Hyun, …

Regie – Lee Jung Heum

Drehbuch – Kim Hyun Jung

Justizdrama, Politthriller, Drama


Selbstmord oder Mord? In einer Welt in der Korruption in das tägliche Leben Einzug hält. Braucht es Menschen mit Rückgrat und Mut um die schmutzige Wahrheit ans Licht zu bringen. Aber reichen eine handvoll Journalisten und eine Staatsanwältin um den „Sumpf“ trocken zu legen? Wieviele Opfer sind nötig um die Wahrheit zu finden?


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Kommentare zu: "FALSIFY" (2)

  1. Z. schrieb:

    If you have time and like the genre, try out „Chief Kim“.

    I first saw Namgoong Min in the movie „Beautiful Sunday“ (2007). It was a secondary/supporting role and he hasn’t made a name. Apart from liking the movie, I remember being unable to forget the actor I just watched. Right after this movie, he enlisted, and I spent the future days searching his previous projects. At that same time, Choi Jin-sil’s „My Rosy Life“ aired over cable TV (btw, a very good drama if you haven’t watched it although you will need a very strong heart to get through the story.), he showed up and I simply can’t figure where I saw him (!!!!horrors of horrors – to think I was searching for him high and low but then, I did only saw him once. Anyway…). Also a supporting character who showed up only during the later part of the show, he’s paired with Lee Tae-ran. You know that feeling when something familiar nags at you, and you can’t put a finger on it, and you get edgy…and when I finally realized, I was like(insert fireworks here)!

    The greatest thing I did for him was going through almost 180 episodes of a daily drama he did in 2004. On top of that, it was SO HARD finding the subbed version. Of course, I did find it. I haven’t watched everything of his but I have a renewed and elevated opinion for his craft ever since „Chief Kim“ and so I’m looking forward to „Falsify“ wanting to see if he’s ‚another step better“ and also because I’m very happy with the casting.

    I like your point about how A-lister(s) get herded into the „main-role“ department by default. I also think there’s nothing wrong trading places if the roles are a fit and good challenge.

    • Oh, I understand that one could get kind of obsessed with an actor. I have a long list of names, where I try to watch their projects but not everything works out for me. Some genres just are too hard on me. TUNNEL with Choi Jin Hyuk was marginal but since it had a human touch besides the crime it was watchable to me. While I still want to try BAD GUYS and HEARTLESS CITY … I don’t know if there ever will be a time for it. At the moment I am rewatching SECRET GARDEN because there is so much of the drama that slipped my mind, so I am just watching in between doing the chores. Not remembering a face or a name I could write books about, even more when at the start of my K-drama days I had trouble getting used to the Korean names in general it’s gotten better, but I still have some room for improvement … 😉

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