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Wenn mich etwas locken könnte, wäre es die Besetzung. Zweimal Lee!

Einmal Bo Young, die alleine reicht schon aus sich für ein Drama zu interessieren, dann auch noch Sang Yoon … Mit ihm hat sie beim Drama MY DAUGTHER SEO YOUNG gespielt und die beiden haben neben anderen Auszeichnungen für das Drama, auch den „Couple Award“, als bestes Paar gewonnen. Park Se Young ist mir seit ihrer Königinnen-Rolle in FAITH ein Begriff und in GLORIOUS DAY.

Abgesehen davon ein ganz heißes Thema in Südkorea, siehe der aktuelle Fall Samsung.

Start: 27.03.2017



Episoden: 16

Ausstrahlungsjahr: 2017

Jang Tae San – Lee Bo Young

Park Jae Kyung – Lee Sang Yoon

Im Seung Woo – Kwon Yool

Im Seung Woo – Lee Se Young

weitere Besetzung:

Kim Gab Soo, Mon Hee Kyung, Jo Dal Hwan, Lee Hyun Jin, Kim Roe Ha, Yoon Joo Hee, Kim Chang Wan, Kim Seo Ra, Won Mi Kyung, Kang Shin Il, Kim Hae Sook, Jung Yi Yun, …

Regie – Lee Myung Woo

Drehbuch – Park Kyung Soo

Justizdrama, Politikdrama, Romanze


In der heutigen Zeit hört man immer wieder von Korruption, aber was wenn es das größte Unternehmen des Landes ist? Werden eine Kriminalbeamtin und ein Richter genug Macht besitzen um die Firma ins Wanken zu bringen?


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Kommentare zu: "WHISPER" (4)

  1. Z. schrieb:

    Checking in! YES!!!!! Me too. How is it possible? One of my favorite screen couple from „My Daughter Seo-young“. I didn’t look at drama stills, teasers, plot, character profile. Nothing. I know ZERO about Lee Sang-yoon and Lee Bo-young’s characters. I didn’t care who the supporting cast are – until you mentioned Park Se-young. Because all it matters is ‚both Lees‘ are there. I’m keeping my excitement down like: ’sit boy, sit…“ 🙂 because I’m still unsure if I want to follow it as it airs or wait till everything ends.

    • Hi Z!
      My sentiments exactly. I am not too sure about staying with the drama and it might be that this year I will tend to start watching the drama when it at least aired half of the episodes. I did so with the TAILOR SHOP drama and it was good for my „mental health“. I never was so relax, when at the end there were only 4 more episodes to wait for. For the genre of the drama, it feels like ages I have watched something similar.

      • Same here! I’ve also starting watching shows after they aired half (or more) the show’s episodes. Most times, I just wait till it ends which is the more workable method for me. I agree with how this is more relaxing and I appreciate the shows better (‚Voice“ is a recent example). I don’t think I can ever get back to the previous way of reviewing after every two episodes. It might work for weekenders and dailies but not for the weekday series.

      • Well, I only did watch one weekender this year, still have to write my review, but I started to watch GOBLIN; now that I have a almost new laptop, the graphics are really nice and it is not a waste to my small old screen. As it has really long episodes, I am kind of left to watch half an episode whenever it fits.
        It is finally spring and I spend a lot of time in my garden again. I did buy some flower that need a spot, so I am going to do this.
        I wish you a lovely weekend, or what is left of it, I almost forgot the hours that you are ahead of me. I will enjoy the spring weather and do some digging. ^^

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