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Choi Jin Hyuk zurück vom Militär und jetzt wieder vor der Kamera. Hurra! Leider sehe ich noch keine Lizenz am Horizont …

Ein analoger Mann, der sich im digitalen Hier und Jetzt wiederfindet, ein bewährtes Rezept, siehe QUEEN IN HYUN’S MAN und YOU WHO CAME FROM THE STARS und GOBLIN …

Start: 25.03.2017



Episoden: 16

Ausstrahlungsjahr: 2017

Park Kwang Ho – Choi Jin Hyuk / Cha Hak Yeon

Shin Jae Yi – Lee Yoo Young

Kim Sun Jae – Yoon Hyun Min

weitere Besetzung:

Lee Shi Ah, Jo Hee Bong, Kim Byung Chul, Kang Ki Young, Kim Min Sang, Joo Ho, …

Regie – Shin Yong Hwi, (Kim Kyung Chul, Kim Sung Min)

Drehbuch – Lee Eun Mi

Thriller, Krimi, Fantasy, Zeitreise


Der Polizist Park Kwang Ho ist einer von der alten Sorte könnte man meinen. Und damit trifft es die Wahrheit zu 100 Prozent. Denn Park Kwang Ho hat es aus dem Jahr 1986 in das Jahr 2016 verschlagen. Dabei hat er ein klares Ziel vor Augen, er möchte seine Tochter retten. Zuerst aber sorgt er für so manches Problem, denn seine Techniken muten etwas „antik“ an, so wie seine Witze. Manchmal zahlt sich seine Art in den modernen Zeiten doch aus, aber sein Kollege setzt mehr auf Eloquenz, denn er macht sich nicht gerne die Hände schmutzig.

Was das alles mit Kwang Hos Tochter zu tun hat? Werden wir vielleicht schon bald wissen …



Kommentare zu: "TUNNEL" (6)

  1. Z. schrieb:

    I much guessed you didn’t watch „Voice“ as you said that you didn’t care for too much crime shows. Anyway, YAY to new/high resolution laptop! Always a happy thing in my dictionary. I love fiddling with new gadgets. I’ve not used WINDOWS in years so I can’t help you but there are known issues with the new WIN 10 browser. Google your problem, you’re likely to find a solution. (Also, ‚itchy fingers‘ haha, let’s see where it leads. I’ve got a new blog address though – still private.) Happy spring gardening and take care.

    • Yes, I rarely watch crime. Either ones with a comedy aspect YOU’RE ALL SURROUNDED or others that are „moody“ like BEYOND THE CLOUDS, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. SHARK. And in times like now, that I’m not having too much time to be watching drama, I kind of end up watching only rom-coms, but GOBLIN for me is totally in genre FANTASY and that is either hit or miss for me. I have watched now 3 episodes and it seems to be a hit for me … We will see how long it takes for me to watch the whole drama, I am still undecided about the length of one episode, I rarely get to see it in one go.

      You probably mean the „Edge browser thingy“ or whatever its name is … I did not even try, I am using Firefox, and if that browser won’t mess with me, I will stick with it.
      Oh, new blog! Whenever you are ready let me know, I’ll make sure to „follow“ Have a good time. ^^

  2. Z. schrieb:

    I’m happy that Choi Jin-hyuk is back but I’m more excited about Lee Yoo-young. She’s a fine actress from what I’ve watched in her films. I’ve an idea about the plot. It doesn’t particularly excites me given I’ve not yet watched „Signal“ (eventually will). So I might just wait for the show to end. Let’s see. Definitely watching though.

    • Haha, SIGNAL is on my „list“ as well … 😉 I hope, I will be able to watch the drama, Viki had the drama VOICE licensed so there is a slim chance for TUNNEL, depending on how VOICE did I guess. I do not know Lee Yoo Young since Korean movies are not that popular at my place and in addition my Korean is really, really limited.

      • I just completed „Voice“ at a go. I don’t know if you watched it already anyway, there’s no definite good or bad about the show (although I’m glad I watched it after the show ended.) But it’s that kind of show that makes me want to write a ‚thesis review‘ 😉 about a lot of stuff that’s beneath the surface.

        Just wondering, don’t you watch your dramas from other sources other than Viki? Also, I guess I’m lucky that I’m able to get good quality C-subs for my Korean movies fix which is why I’ve watched most titles.

      • No, I didn’t watch VOICE, it didn’t lure me in. Well, about sources for drama, or more about legal sources in Europe there is Viki and KBS with it’s YT channel. There are still some subbing groups, that are doing German subtitles, but over the years I got so used to the Viki subtitles that even KBS translations sometimes seem weird. 😉
        The good thing about Viki, I can watch without advertisment free, and now that I got another device in 1080 resolution which is a big step to the 360 I had before.
        LOL I was looking for language classes and in my town the only Asian language available is Japanese, not really helping with Korean drama. =D
        I am glad to hear that you got itchy fingers. And forgive me, if I typed anything wrong, I did chose the option for the grammar tool and all, but somehow it does not run. It’s all still new to me this week, the new version of the browser and Win10, a lot to learn.

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